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2021 ~

EarthDrawn media productions

with Claire Rousell

In 2021 Claire and I joined forces to start the EarthDrawn Media Productions project. Combining our respective skill sets, experience and activism we co-create conscientious and impactful visual messaging for issues and projects we care about.

The project focuses on graphic harvesting & animated live drawing videos for social upliftment & environmental regeneration. Where possible we aim to support local artists and technicians by budgeting for original musical scores and narrated soundtracks.

We have a YouTube channel and website to showcase our projects and services:

added June 2, 2022



2019 ~

performance art media

with Mamela Nyamza

In 2019 I connected with Mamela Nyamza at the State Theatre in her new role as assistant creative director. In this context I engaged and supported her projects as a media activist, documenting events and interventions during her tenure at the theatre.

Notable experiences included her curation of Dance Umbrella Africa and the unforgettable Vavasati International Women's Festival: Inequality! Seizing the Megaphone, co-curated by Pretoria-based Kgaogelo Tshabalala.

In collaboration with Dr Akhona Ndzuta we started 'Vavasati Initiative' as an independent media project documenting and reporting on the festival.

My collaborative relationship with Mamela extended into activist interventions under #theTotalShutdown gender-based violence and #Iam4theArts protest movements.

By 2020 we worked together on Mamela's first performance art video production 'Pest Control' directed by Mamela as an online presentation for the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

This relationship continued into an online virtual reality video project in 2021/22, still to be made public.

I first encountered Mamela in 2013 at the Soweto Theatre whilst working with the media activist project Iranti with Jabu Pereira. We went to watch 'I Stand Corrected', a collaboration between writer/director Mojisola Adebayo and Mamela Nyamza as choreographer/dancer. The performance was deeply personal and brilliantly shattering as the Iranti team were dealing head-on with the brutal and deadly consequences of LGBTI violence in South Africa at the time. The performance left a lasting impression on me and it has been a great honour to finally be able to work with Mamela as a media activist and creative.

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2016 ~


with Tanya Pretorius

In 2016 I started the kindEarth_intentions media project as part of [•]squareDot Media with the help of my partner Tanya Pretorius (Thursday's Cat Media). It aims to support initiatives that address narratives in how we treat each other, our earthly kin, and our environment (earth).

Tanya Pretorius is doing a wonderful job of compiling relevant articles on flipboard & facebook.

Some of the projects kindEarth_intentions supports is a land and nature art project in South Africa and a media production company that focuses on social and environmental issues:

If you wish to support kindEarth_intentions, please contact me at .

updated June 2, 2022



2006 ~ 2018


with Anni Snyman & Eugenie Grobler

From 2014 to 2016 I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in a poetry + animation project based on well-known Afrikaans poems taught at schools and universities in South Africa.

Through artistic director Diek Grobler and Anita Cronjé as the ATKV producer - an organisation dedicated to the cultural and artistic expressions of Afrikaans across the full spectrum of its speakers in South Africa - we managed to complete two animation projects.

Refusing the directorial role and process, myself, Anni and Eugenie call our projects 'creative constellations' where each artist practices their own craft in conversation with the other.

Anni Snyman and I had our first animation attempt with the water-mark based buddha board in 2008. In this instance it was an accidental discovery and the shots were 'free style' without a tripod, which meant I had my work cut out for me to get it working as an animation. We didn't have a budget, so the soundtrack was crafted in GarageBand.

In 2016 we played a similar game at a land and nature art event in Johannesburg, this time with a famous classical piece of music.

Our first opportunity to work with a budget and animation team was when we participated in Filmverse I & II (Film poetry) with Nita Cronjé (ATKV producer) and Diek Grobler (artistic director) in 2015 & 2016.

Thanks to Diek's efforts of submitting our films to international animation festivals and substantial sponsorship from the ATKV, family and friends, I was able to attend the Russian Ukranian 2015 KROK Animated Films Festival in Russia for 'Die Eerste Soen'. The festival took place on a cruise boat that travelled from Moscow to St. Pietersburg - a floating island of animators and film makers from across the globe. An unforgettable experience documented in a 15 minute rapid fire slide show consisting of iPhone 4 images and sound recordings:

In 2016 our second Filmverse animation was showcased at the Twisted Oyster Film Festival in Chicago U.S.A., as well as the Perth South African Film Festival in Australia.

While working on the final edits of this animation the horrifying mass shooting at the LGBTQI Pulse club in Orlando unfolded, which is why I dedicated the film to the direct and indirect victims of LGBTQI hate, including internalised hatred thanks to societal and religious intolerance. Since then it has been clarified that the shooter chose the club randomly.

In 2016 we started work on our third animation for a song written and performed by Eugenie Grobler:

The animation is incomplete due to a lack of funds, if you wish to contribute, please contact me at:

In 2018 we had another opportunity to collaborate on 'Water Catcher' as part of the Cape Flats Aquifer resource development and sustainable management project. Funded by Umvoto Africa, an earth sciences consultancy specialising in environmental resource development, management and sustainability.


updated June 3, 2022



2014 ~ 2015


with Site_Specific & Cool Capital

In 2014 Cool Capital invited our Site_Specific project to participate in a world first 'Guerrilla Biennale' taking place in my home city, Pretoria - the municipality of Tshwane.

I ended up curating an environmental art project with the help and support of Anni Snyman. Anni came in to present nature art workshops and I played my usual documentarian role - using writing, photography, video and the social media platform to share the project with our online audience.

As a consequence I was afforded the fantastic opportunity of not only compiling a chapter on our project, but taking on the task of laying out and typesetting the whole Cool Capital Guerrilla Biennale catalogue. A relentless task that took almost a year to complete. The end result is a spectacular testimony to a city of creative individuals who came together to actualise a stunning idea.

August 15, 2016



2012 ~ 2019


with the Site_Specific Collective

Site_Specific was founded in 2011 by Anni Snyman and Strijdom van der Merwe. I joined the organisation in 2012 to play a supporting role in developing their online profile through documentation and writing. The organisation has grown from strength to strength and is now referred to as the Site_Specific Collective after disbanding its official NPO organisational status in favour of a less formal arrangement.

August 15, 2016



2009 ~ 2016


with Anni Snyman

Anni and I have been working together on commercial and art projects on and off for over twenty years. She's a great generator of amazing ideas and projects, and I come in and support her in all manner of logistical ways. Thankfully, she's asked me once again to support her on her next amazing and important adventure – a land art project designed to contemplate our precarious existence on this precious planet, and how far we still need to go in order to save our world.

In 2009 I had the good fortune to be invited along to help make our first temporary geoglyph, the 'Earth Siren' in Tankwa, Karoo. Luckily Google Earth captured her before she disappeared again. This was the first of several temporary and permanent geoglyphs that became part of the Site_Specific project in 2013. To date I've helped create the temporary Riverine Rabbit geoglyph in Richmond, the Snake Eagle Thinking Path in Matjiesfontein, the Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path in Loxton.

August 15, 2016



2004 ~ 2007


with Anni Snyman & Eugenie Grobler

After ending her teaching career in the brand communications field, Anni joined forces with Eugenie Grobler to generate 'creative constellations' aimed at building artistic community around issues affecting our country.

In 2004 Anni curated 'Searching for a Saviour', her first attempt at gathering artistic community around serious issues affecting our country.

This was followed by 'Ansisters' in 2005 in collaboration with musician and poetic songwriter Eugenie Grobler - a project that quickly grew into an event that included 600 participants at the Old Fort at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg.

In both these projects I participated as digital artist and website builder. These are the days before facebook and the social media explosion, and website design was still a complicated conversion of book pages to web pages.

In 2007 I attempted curating an online net art collaborative space with the help of Anni Snyman, inviting artists practicing in 'traditional' media into a collaborative recreation of their work into a net art context. The project never came to full fruition but eight net art collaborations / installations were eventually loaded. it was simply too much work for one person to tackle without financial investment or support - a dilemma net art has never really been able to escape. The project was called 'trans_end' with a missing 'c' as an ongoing conversation to the two previous creative constellations.

This series of creative constellations concluded with the Disobedience workshops presented by Anni Snyman and Eugenie Grobler. As creative individuals we were invited to contemplate and discuss the dilemma we were facing in the world, and the social and environmental issues we were dealing within our own country.

August 15, 2016





UNISA Centenary Celebrations animations

In 2004 Gwen Miller directed the 'Journey to Freedom' animation project, hooking me up with Erica Lüttich and the Boitumelo Sewing project, turning their embroidered narratives into animations that would accompany liberation struggle songs sung by the Unisa Choir. I animated three of the songs performed. This was my first attempt at professional digital animation.

August 15, 2016




Conversation with Google

Looking back...

This project was my first attempt at 'netart'. With the limited technical knowledge and understanding I had, it was quite a rough ride. Although the idea had merit, the process and outcome proved depressing, but I somehow felt compelled to push through with it – hoping to find some kind of meaningful answer at the other end. Sometimes that is all that art can do, and that has it's own merit. Two years later a stunning project came online with a similar intention at its core called 'we feel fine'. The project is still live and running online at www.wefeelfine.org.

July 19, 2011

Dialogue between a visual artist & the internet

With the advent of digitised technology, computers and the internet are changing our sense of world, place, space and experience. Many of us spend more and more time translating our thoughts and emotions into 0's and 1's, becoming one with the 'machine' and in effect, turning into cyborgs.

Cyborg : a compound word derived from cybernetics and organism, is a term coined by Manfred Clynes in 1960 to describe the need for mankind to artificially enhance biological functions in order to survive in the hostile environment of Space. Originally, a cyborg referred to a human being with bodily functions aided or controlled by technological devices, such as an oxygen tank, artificial heart valve or insulin pump. Over the years, the term has acquired a more general meaning, describing the dependence of human beings on technology. In this sense, cyborg can be used to characterise anyone who relies on a computer to complete their daily work.





Earthdrawn media productions is a media project started with Claire Rousell and employs graphic harvesting for still and moving image outputs in the activist and non-profit arena. Started in 2021, it is an ongoing project.


PEST CONTROL directed by Mamela Nyamza for the Online National Arts Festival in 2020 where I got to play behind the camera and edit a nationally acclaimed performace art film. I loved working with Mamela on this project for which we had a small filming budget, resulting in a lot of 'DIY' recording techniques on low end audio visual tech. - my favourite playground as a digital creative.




kindearth_intentions is a media project focused on supporting initiatives that deal with narratives in how we treat each other, our fellow earthly beings, and our environment (earth). Started in 2016, it is an ongoing project.


First Kiss

The First Kiss  was part of an Afrikaans poetry animation project 'Filmverse 1' in 2014. With Anni Snyman (illustrations), katty vandenberghe (animation), and Eugenie Grobler (music).


Environmental Art Project
the environmental art project  as part of the Cool Capital Guerrilla Biennale in 2014. Co-ordinated with the support of Anni Snyman of Site_Specific and Carla Taljaard of the Cool Capital Biennale.


THE EARTH SIREN was Anni Snyman and PC van Rensburg's first temporary Karoo geoglyph completed in 2009 with the help of friends and family. Captured on Google Earth one year later.



influx was a play directed by Janine Lewis at the Technical University of Tshwane. Screenshot of an interactive net art installation of animated gifs and sound clips as part of the online collaboration and curated net art project trans_end.



A Conversation with Google  was part of a fourth year visual arts project presented at the UNISA Art Gallery towards the end of 2003.





As a creative individual I prefer to work in collaborative projects with a larger purpose than producing a series of artworks for the sake of exhibition. My preferred medium is digital - ranging from net art to animation to video. The bulk of my effort has been poured into online manifestations of all the group projects I've been involved in since 2004/2005.